Recommendations for the execution associated with the thesis (project): framework, demands, tasks

Recommendations for the execution associated with the thesis (project): framework, demands, tasks

Framework of writing a thesis

  1. 1. These rules determine the primary conditions of academic tasks within the context for the introduction of credit trained in advanced schooling.
  2. 2. Thesis work (project) is a written graduation work this is certainly performed during the stage that is final of, if it’s stipulated by their state compulsory education standard and specialty curriculum.
  3. 3. The objective of the thesis work (project) is:

1) systematization, consolidation and expansion of theoretical knowledge and practical abilities in the specialty and their application in solving specific systematic, technical, economic and manufacturing tasks, as well as cultural tasks;

2) developing the relevant skills of performing work that is independent mastering the methodology of clinical research and experimentation in re solving issues and questions which are being developed;

3) clarify the preparedness for the pupil for separate work with the conditions of contemporary manufacturing, science, technology, culture, plus the degree of their professional competence.

  1. 4. Thesis work (project) presents a summary of the outcome of separate study and research associated with the problem that is actual of particular specialty for the relevant industry of science.
  2. 5. Thesis work (task) is performed beneath the direction of the supervisor and must satisfy among the following requirements:
  3. 1) summarize the total outcomes of studies, design solutions carried out by scientists, analysts, practitioners: engineers, designers, supervisors, economists;

2) contain scientifically grounded theoretical conclusions on the item under research;

3) have scientifically valid outcomes, the utilization of which guarantees the answer of the problem that is specific.

Needs for the subject for the thesis (project)

  1. 6. Theme regarding the thesis (task) should really be relevant, prior to the state that is current leads associated with development of science, technology and tradition, in its content it will meet with the demands put down in paragraph.
  2. 5. Whenever determining the subject of theses (projects), it is suggested to consider the actual dilemmas of manufacturing, training, technology and tradition.
  3. 7. Theme of thesis ongoing work(task) should match to your specialty plus the profile of training specialists.
  4. 8. The topic of the thesis works (jobs) is manufactured by the issuing department, the works are evaluated and approved because of the faculty council.
  5. 9. The total a number of subjects for theses (projects) should really be updated yearly by at the very least 30%.
  6. 10. It is possible to replace the thesis task for technical specialties. At precisely the same time, the thesis work should really be of an investigation and developmental nature, and have a determined and graphical component.
  7. 11. The theme for the thesis (project) is assigned to your pupil at the beginning of the graduate course and it is approved because of the order associated with the rector regarding the higher educational organization.
  8. The topic of the thesis (project), if necessary, can be changed, refined, corrected on the basis of the presentation of the graduating department upon completion of pre-diploma practice.

Needs when it comes to order of composing a thesis (project)

Each student is assigned a supervisor to write a thesis (project) on the proposal of the department.

Teachers, associate professors, probably the most experienced instructors and scientific workers associated with the college, or medical employees and highly qualified specialists of other companies are appointed systematic supervisors of this thesis works (tasks), the field of medical research and scientific publications of which corresponds into the profile for the specialty regarding the student.

The tasks of this supervisor that is scientific of thesis

The scientific manager for the thesis (task):

  1. 1) problems an activity for the execution associated with the thesis (task);
  2. 2) help the pupil within the growth of a calendar working arrangements when it comes to entire amount of the graduation work (thesis design);
  3. 3) suggests the pupil the mandatory basic literary works, reference and archival materials, model jobs as well as other sources on the subject;
  4. 4) establish a schedule of consultations, during that your monitoring that is current of pupil’s conformity using the routine for the completion regarding the thesis;
  5. 5) establishes the amount of all of the chapters of the thesis (task) and coordinates the work associated with graduate pupil and experts.
  6. The calendar schedule of work is drawn up for the entire duration, showing your order of execution of individual parts and it is coordinated aided by the supervisor that is scientific.

From the proposition associated with clinical manager regarding the diploma work (task), if necessary, the department can invite consultants for specific parts of the thesis (task) at the cost of the time allotted towards the medical administration.

Experts could be professors, associate professors, instructors and academics of higher education organizations, also highly qualified experts and research workers of other organizations. Specialists look at the relevant chapters of the pupil’s finished work and indication it.

Graduating departments ahead of the start of the thesis work (project) must develop and supply pupils with methodical directions, which set certain requirements for the thesis work (project) prior to academic and programs that are professional the specialty and these recommendations.

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